A bully pushes me into a corner.
She wants to feel better than me.
She resents me being full of joy
and being so happy.
She wants me to feel pain,
she wants me to quieten down.
She is tired of my happiness
and wants to rid the choir of the ‘circus clown’.
She humiliates me in front of my friends.
They see me for who I am.
She robs me of my dignity,
she makes me look the fool.
Now I am in the position
of standing up for me.
I need to make the choice
to speak out.
Do I remain in silence
and accept this treatment and
maybe feel it is what I deserve?
Is it worth causing a scene?
Or do I speak out and
say something?
Printed choir brochures
of future concert lie
on stage like
an unexploded bomb
waiting to detonate.
Brochures were copied by an unknown
and well meaning friend
who thought copying
choir brochures is how they would spend
their time but this was not appreciated.
End result was not good enough.
Insults cast instead of thanks
fall on my ears like stones.
This is not right,
this is a shame.
Do I put up with this
or do I speak up?
Loaded questions with
unknown answers.
Unspoken words.

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