Sometimes things can be worse
than bad.
I did not know how I could go on.
My girl was gone.
Just quietness.
How could I cope?

Sometimes I used to think
life could not get any worse.
My girl had lost herself
inside her head.
The house was empty
so was her bed.
Not as bad as being dead
but my girl was lost.

When my life was like this
I leant on my words and my songs.
I clung to them like a lifeline.
It was something I could get relief from.
Crawling into another space
and pulling down the shutters.
Holding on so tight or
else I would go under..

Life is better now.
Still have lots of things to learn
but I know when life gets bad
I know where to turn.
To my words and my songs.
They are where I belong.

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