A Golden Day

She sits in the garden
waiting for me
like a forgotten doll.

I find her there and
hold my hands out to her.
I have brought things she likes
and she greedily snatches
my bag eager to discover
its contents.
Banana Big M.
Slivers of her favourite mango
easy for her to eat.
A new book we can explore together.
Some washed clothes
I will put away later.

I bring out the bubbles
and blow a chain of them
for her to enjoy.
The chain breaks free
and each bubble finds its own path
like she and I need to do.
We hold hands and the sun warms us.
A moment of golden alone time.

She tells me not to talk to
anybody else.
I am hers for the afternoon.
She is not sharing me
with anybody.
I have learnt not to argue.

My husband comes along with
games for us to play such
as Beetle, Sorry and Jenga.
We have fun and laugh
as we spin the spinner and
three beetles slowly takes shape,
Jenga blocks topple
into our laps,
and we put our pieces
back to the beginning and start again.
She uses her own logic
to win each time.

All too soon I have to help her
get to bed.
I help her clean her teeth.
I moisturise her dry feet caused
from not drying herself properly.
I brush and plait her
long, long hair which should
have been trimmed months ago

She chooses a bedtime book to read.
I snuggle down next to her and
we enjoy a few more stolen moments.
All too soon I have to say goodbye.

Good night my dearest.
I love you.

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