I Deserve It

A desperate rush to Tullamarine
with the prickly thought
I would see my plane taking
off into the sky.
Managed to make it in time
and got up to Brisbane
with friendly tail wind.
Warm and blue skies greeted me
as I touched down.
Cold, wet Melbourne left behind
for four days of fun.
Yesterday i spent time with best friends.
One will be singing at concert too.
Tried out new pit-sa place.
Fun guy pizza on a plate.
Today domestic violence singing.
Many people who will soon become many friends
guided kindly and gently by the hands
of someone who makes a big difference
in this world.
Wearing black. Hope I won’t be cold.
My cape will keep me warm,
Today has not begun yet.
Right now is the best time.
Anticipation and knowledge
that music is ahead of me.
Waiting for me to jump into
the ebb and flow of symphonic ripples
and lose myself in a song.
Thank you.

I think I deserve it,

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