A storm is brewing.
I will hold fast to what i know
hoping it won’t last long
and not much damage is done.
Change is upon me.
lightning flashes throw everything into sharp relief.
The familiar looks hostile and dangerous.
Where is comfort and safety?
I do not like change.
It is painful.
A storm is approaching.

The storm is overhead now.
Streaks of insecurities and self doubt
light up my world jaggedly
again and again
making my world a place I do not know.
Gossip and malicious voices crack loudly.
I hold on because I know I just have to
hoping everything will be alright.

The storm ends.
I go out into the world
knowing I can face whatever is out there.
Everything is clean and bright and fresh.
There is a rainbow in the sky promising
better days and happier times to come.
There is always sunshine behind the clouds.

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