Reaching for the Stars

It is a wonderful thing
to be given the highest notes to sing.
It is a gift to be given Fortissimo
with those notes.
For a first soprano it is sheer bliss.
No restraints.
So, if I feel like it, I could deafen
the tenor who just shushed me
who is sitting right in front of me.
No. My conductor tells me never
to sing louder than lovely.
To please my conductor I instead
focus on beautiful notes.
Pretending they are bubbles
I slowly blow them up and release them.
Invisible bubbles hit the ceiling and
break on the audience below in a
shower of notes. Plink, plonk.
I climb the notes like a monkey bar.
Grabbing and holding low notes
lead me to ones higher up.
Reaching F line i grab onto it
and pull myself through.
Looking down I see all the notes
I have sung to get up so high.
I look above my head and see
A, C, E and G.
The A and C I can reach.
Sitting up here above everything
I look up to the dazzling stars and think
how lucky am I to be a singer.

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