Life and Times of a Singer

The people came to hear us,
It sure took lots of time.
Instead of singing at 9.30
We sang at 10.09,
Hidden away in green rooms.
Rooms framed with mirrors,
we were supplied with our aforementioned
mayoral dinners.
Four boxes of unknown foods
With no liquid to wash it down
we were placed in rooms and                    we were left alone.
More time waiting while we are on stage.
Starting to feel I am in a cage
with people who are not quite ready to hear us sing.
Not a happy experience this evening.
We are here to provide a service
for influential people.
Doesn’t matter about me at all.
Well that is what it feels like anyway.
I glance at my brothers and sisters
to right and left of me.
This is another evening. It will pass eventually.
What will not pass is the love I have of singing.
Singing takes me to exciting places.
This is just not one of them.
I will let go of the bad moments of the night
and look forward to the time
when singing will be happy again.
Thankful for this night
As it gives my experience of
singing another dimension.
Not just beer and skittles
but the times in the life of a singer.

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