Christmas Wishes

This year I left it too late
so am penning a poem instead.
I reach out for words that
will warm my readers’ hearts
instead of artificial words I dread.
Maybe my words won’t come out prettily
with a well turned phrase or two.
I will follow the path of truth
to put together this poem for you.

Days follow one another like
strands of tinsel upon a tree.
All racing each other to the Christmas star.
What I want to wish my friends
both near and far
is that certain present
you have been hoping for.
Diamond earrings,
a gold bow tie.
A cheese and wine tour.

I am going to be greedy
and wish for two gifts more
In the top of everyone’s stocking
and squished in tight so it stays.
The gifts of health and happiness.
Not just for Christmas Day
but for the days after that:
I know I am being greedy.
Maybe I’m tempting fate.
Christmas is best when
all our loved ones are gathered
around the Christmas plate.

Happy Christmas to all my friends.
See you next year to annoy you
With more of my poems.

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