Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love
is a song we know well.
But it describes the times
we share at each rehearsal.
A show comes and goes
in the blink of an eye
Suddenly another concert goes by.
Strangely enough so have the years.
It was 4 years ago when the pied piper
of Melbourne did appear
promising he would teach us to sing
if only we would look at him.

Asking only that entries and cutoffs were his alone
he formed our community choir
and gave us a home.
A choir home which gave us
the freedom to be us.
A secure space that was just ours.
We would get together on a weekly basis.
We would learn to know each ones voices and faces.
Singing and joining our voice in a song
we formed a family where we all belong.

4 years ago we were the City of Casey Community Choir Project or CCC for short
learning opera with council financial support.
Over the years people have come
and people have moved on.
All enjoying the love of song.
4 years ago I stood up to thank
this marvellous man for his
guidance, patience and wisdom
This poem was written for him
in gratitude for everything he has given,

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