Too Much Live Will Kill You

Moth loved Flame.
Flame was a glowing torch.
The centre of everybody’s lives.
Other insect passerbys saw all the
moths surrounding Flame and
wondered what the fuss was about.
They did not have Flame in their lives
so they did not know the effect
Flame had on their lives.
Flame lit up their lives.
Flame made each moth feel special.
It was as if each moth was the most special
moth in Flame’s life.
Moth was quite shy but Flame beamed
and winked at Moth in such a charming way
Moth fell probiscus over wingtip for him.
Moth gathered up the courage to tell Flame.
Moth thought it would be easier to tell Flame
how she felt so she brushed her wings up and curled
her antennae and glided up to Flame.
Just as her wings touched the flame
she caught fire and burnt up.
It would have been better to admire
Flame from afar but oh what
a beautiful blue flame moth became,

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