Choir Spread

There is a spread
set way up high
on the tallest shelf.
If it was brought down
you would see for yourself.
This spread is the best spread
the world will ever see full of richness, flavour and vibrant diversity.

All types of people come together to make a choir,
song unites us together
and differences make us unique.
We leave our troubles at the door
grab our music and stand up on our feet
‘All Eyes on Conductor’ as he blends us into one until we are smoooooooooth
like melted chococolate spreading outward in a sticky goo.

This goo is made with love
as we all love to sing.
It is made with tolerance,
we are all the same under our skin.
It is made with patience.
Lots  of work is required to get the song right.
The spread is poured into bottles
and the lid is screwn down tight.

I hope this spread is shipped
throughout the world
I hope this spread goes to places
where love and understanding needs to be taught.
For the Choir Spread ingredients
are social inclusion and love.
If you ever experience it
life will never feel as rough

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