My Padadada Padadada Spective

Wednesday night the chosen few.
were standing at the
front of the room behind the conductor
enjoying the choice parts of the song
while we were the badadadadadading
back up singers.

1 am on Saturday morning
an idea came to me.
We are a large choir.
Not every voice can be heard.
We are like a bunch of pencils
which need to be grouped
into Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.
A few chosen ones, used as highlights,
need to be set aside for easy access.
These chosen ones would be selected for
familarity and uniqueness.

All colours give depth and form
to what is in the mind of
the person creating the picture.
Who am I to query why I am one of the
badadadada backup singers?
I can only focus on doing the best job of
being one of the
four colours so that the select few
can be layered on top to create a picture
of depth and beauty.
Sharp outline not blurred image.
Maybe one day I can
aspire to be one of the chosen ones if
I hone my skill and be a more vibrant tone
but for the moment i am happy to be
a speck of golden light warming the
choir from the badada background.

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