Darker Night at the Hairdresser

As the day gets darker
I go to the hairdresser.
Thinking of colour
I open the door and enter.
Maybe emerald or azure.
I want a bright colour.
I discuss this with Catherine as I am not sure.
She sits listening quietly to what I desire
and goes and get the colour.

‘My dear blue is not what you require.
It will make your hair brittle I am sure.
Your hair has settled into a lovely colour.
I suggest you opt for a lovely rose couture.
It is quite on trend and it will be much better
for conditioning your hair.

I will trust my hairdresser.
Literally in her hands I place my hair.
Catherine gets her paints as I wait on my chair.
Car lights zoom past faster and faster.
They are still looking for a good hairdresser.

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