Dance like noone is watching

It is 10.45 pm. The bar attendants have turned the lights on not so subtly to let us know it is time to go. One of the waiters tell us they are closing the restaurant at 11 pm.

None of us want to go. The after affects of singing in a concert is being felt.  The desire to stay together just a bit longer united by music.

So we find somewhere else. We go past Young and Jackson where music is escaping out onto the street  Loud, smoky, mesmerising, thrumming.

We go in. We dance like we have not danced before. We dance to be caught up in the music once again. We dance for ourselves. Dancing in a circle of friends.  Connected. Smiling and singing known songs. Clapping. Swaying. Stomping. Not to maybe have a one night encounter.  Dancing for love of music.  Dancing for love of self.

Dancing like nobody is watching.

I hope I can sing tomorrow.




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