The Carnival is Coming

Only one day and the festival is here again.
So much to look forward to this weekend.
A show about choir drama will unfold
and one person will be left out in the cold.

Saturday Tobias and the Angel opera.
Patrick takes the reins of the choir
and I became a tree or a river.
(along with 399 other singers).

Sunday a Sydney director will bring a secret.
Don’t know yet the specifics of this.
Will know soon so more details then.

Monday brings Best of British
so I will enjoy some English tunes.
Jerusalem and a coronation song.
I will dance the Cachuca
with my friend next to me.

It is going to be a thrill ride from
beginning to end.
I am happy to be a little singer
this weekend.
But you will not even see me.
I will sing with all other people on stage.
Hand in hand and one voice.
We are family.

And then the carnival will be over.
Until next year.

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