Funny Phone Feeling

I did not charge my phone last night.

The phone is going flat.

Low battery warning flashing on my screen.

Years ago public phones were outside every milk bar.

These days there are none to be seen.

No more do I fold myself into a telephone booth

and push 30 cents into the slot.

The world today is divided into those who have a phone

and others who do not.

I do not save coins to make an emergency call.

Instead I unfold my mobile.  My monthly bill will pay for it all.

I don’t know how Orwell did it but he looked into the future to see

1984’s Big Brother rubbing his hands with glee.

A curious Big Brother who can see you and he can see me.

What is more he can see where we have been

because we are all blips on his computer screen.

I live in the information age. There is nothing I can’t know.

If I want to find out something I don’t have far to go.

I google what I need to learn.

Instantly that information will show on my phone.

The world is at my fingertips.  I am no longer alone.

The world has shrunk quite a bit.

Instead of talking to the lady next to me

I could be chatting to my old uncle Abner in Apartment 3,

New York, New York City.

But i can’t right now.

My batteries are going flat.

What am I going to do?

Twiddle my thu ……..

beep, beep, beep …….

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