Some Where, Some Time, Some One

This is an evolution of a poem from the moment the words of a poem are placed on a page to the audience’s reception of a song.

some time,
some one
sat down with paper and pen
to write about important things
and what mattered to them.
Thoughts and feelings
were frozen in time.
It didn’t matter if the
words didn’t rhyme.

some time,
some one
read the poem and
agreed with what they saw.
Nobody had discussed these things before
so music was added.
A pulse was added to the beat.
They worked hard on it
until they were satisfied
the song was complete.

Some time,
some how,
some way
a choir got hold of the song.
Their conductor knew what to do
to make the music resonate
and make the lyrics ring true.
There was work to be done,
something the choir loved best.
A universal message was written for all
and had to be expressed.

The universal message spoke of
a soul’s need to be free
to express itself and be happy.
Find thoughts behind emotions,
find words behind a thought.
Thoughts tangle on words and
are thus caught.


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