Go With The Flow

Two bags waiting impatiently at door,
standing piggyback they cast a
shadow on the floor,
time to get going
don’t want to be late,
lots of people to sing with
I just can’t wait

Greetings shouted to everybody
old friends and new
goodbyes whispered to family
they wish they were coming too.

Bags missing in Dubai,
bus and passport missing too.
late night at airport
got into hotel well after 2.00 pm.

Went to Colosseum,
dusty old place.
very hot and thirsty
sweat upon my face
chose to board a lift
instead of going downstairs
now stuck in an oven
saying my prayers.

Dressed ready to perform in Melbourne
but this is a Roman show
Jonathon helps us warm our voices
before we have to go.
it feels like we are leaving him behind
but he will be with us
everything he has taught us
remains in our mind.

Went to the Vatican
which is redundant with works of art
but it leaves me cold
it doesn’t touch my heart
no matter how amazing
the works of art can be
my heart will only smile
when our choir sings in harmony.

Go with the flow
means to not make a fuss.
don’t think about me
think about us.
Things will work out
you just have to learn
to let things be.
Go with the flow
and live in harmony.

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