Thank You Simon and Vikki

Simon and Vikki were council workers who used to work with us.  They were very supportive in the formation of  the community choir I love to sing in.

Thank you Simon and Vikki

we have been a thinking
it is time there was a thanking
to those heroes of our choir
who remain behind the scenes,
it is often left unsaid but I think this might be read
to Simon and Vicki for without them
our choir would not be.

if it weren’t for the sound clips, the songs would not be sung,
if it weren’t for the coffee and tea, the friendships would not be sprung,
if it weren’t for the sheet music, we would be completely lost,
if it weren’t for Simon and Vicki, we would have nowhere to rehearse.


thank you for fixing the seats so
we can sit and sing,
thank you for the name badges so
we can start talking,
thank you working out the backstage stuff so
we know what to do,
thank you for welcoming us the very first time
when everything was new.

people come and people go
but what is left when the show ends?
memories of good times shared and
people who have become more than friends.

thank you Simon and Vicki,
without you we would not be us.

We all enjoyed singing and being together so we decided to become a community choir with an open door policy for all who wanted to join us.

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