Christmas Passed

Christmas changes over the years.  The times when Santa had just been and left presents for me and my brothers under the Christmas tree to the days when it was my turn to be Santa and hope my gorgeous gal would stay asleep and hoping I could get a bit of sleep before the darkness ended and Christmas Day began.

Christmas Passed

Christmas has changed over the years.
Don’t know where the time went
Once I was a child and my Christmases
were magnificent.
With Dad playing carols at the piano
or Bing softly singing,
we shook our presents
and started opening
Mum in the kitchen hovering over a hot stove
cooking all the Christmas food
made with lots of love.

Those days are gone and
Mum and Dad gone too.
Traditions disappear and
some start up which are new.
The meaning of Christmas
changes as we grow.
To me it doesn’t matter what is
waiting under the paper and bow.
For me the present can remain wrapped
under the tree.
Who I share Christmas with means
a great deal more to me.

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