Oh no!!! I have had haggis. But Japanese.

Omasum – haggis’ Japanese cousin. Ick!!!

I thought I would be adventurous.
I thought I would have some fun
when I ordered a plate of omasum.
I took one bite.
something did not taste quite right
when I took a bite
of the omasum.

Little slivers of meat arranged on a plate
with equally slivery pieces of chilli.
I took one bite and lost my appetite.
It just shows sometimes being adventurous is silly.

Funny how we were talking wild haggis
which is another form of tripe.
I have made it a rule to only eat the outside
of animals but eating tripe makes me feel ill.
Now I have to pay the dinner bill.
Offal is awful.

Fact – Omasum is the third compartment of a cow’s stomach

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