Friend Flamingos

This poem was written while I was on holidays with my best friends, Lesley and Jon. We stayed at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast near Noosa called Noosa Valley Manor.   Can’t recommend it too highly.  My poem is called :

Friend Flamingos

Two friend flamingos
sit under a hedge.
One standing, one not.
They stand here all day,
no matter if it is cold,
no matter if it is hot.

One stands up straight.
Its eyes stare straight ahead.
The other looks crookedly
on life as it has
fallen into the garden bed.

Proudly they stand
with their necks curled stiffly.
Smiling on life they face it full on.
Patiently they wait until
the sun sets,
it gets a bit cooler
and the day is done.

The fallen flamingo
hides a smile.
Roberto and Renate are so good
at walking on an angle.
The glasses remain glued on the trays
as Roberto and Renate tightrope past
but the flamingo wishes Roberto would stop and fix it please.

Roberto walked past and mentioned
he had fixed the bird.
Now the bird does not look absurd.

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