Friendship Bubble

I just thought yesterday
this is not right.
The world is not so accepting
when someone is not thinking right.
There would be words said
people would not just accept
that my girl has been put away
and her mind is not right.

There are some people
who are not so generous
when there is this sort of trouble.
It is not their fault.
They do not understand.
They fear the unknown.

I would have to put myself
inside that box. I was never
unkind but I did not understand.
So my friends have put me in a
friendship bubble.

This bubble is made up of hugs
and good thoughts.
Kind gestures from my friends are shown.
I am so grateful
and I know I am not alone.

Thank you my lovely choir families and friends.
When I venture out of this bubble I will be ok.

I am taking each day at a time.

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