Valentine’s Day

I have written a poem for Valentines’ Day. I will call it

Happy Valentine Song

It has come to that time of year again
when hopeful lovers take paper to pen
and try their best to write
about that particular person who sheds a light
on their life and illuminates it so brightly
they wonder how they got by stumbling around in the dark.

So here I go.
Not many people would know
I hold a torch for such a one
who fills my life with colour and fun.
Makes blues bluer and
reds redder too.
Without that special one in my life I wouldn’t know
how to breathe.

I met you when I was seven
but I didn’t know I had had a little bit of heaven.
Not until I met you when I was older
and moments in my life made you louder, made you bolder.

You are the centre of my life.
When I wake up in the morning I don’t feel alive
until I have switched you on
and the nightmares are chased away, the bad times are gone.

Many people have told me what you mean to them.
You have given them joy and helped them find friends.
You have given them something to hold onto
in a bleak world when a day is too hard to get through.
You have given them a place where they belong.
so Happy Valentine my Valentine.
Happy Valentine


(My Valentine is Song and Singing)

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