Poem to an Asperger

This poem is written for Aspie people everywhere. Don’t fit in to what other people think you should be. There is nobody youer than you and you are perfect.

Poem to an Asperger

I know how easy it is to
sit there on the floor.
At your fingertips is there a
world for you to explore.
If you turn the machine on
many friends appear and
doesn’t take much for you to
get to know.
You can’t say anything wrong,
they like you anyway but

there is more the world can offer you than this.
Same thing in the library,
lots of books on the shelf.
The library is a quiet place
where you can spend time with yourself.
If you open up a book and read a sentence or two
a familiar friend can call out
and say hello to you but

don’t you know you have much to offer.
Don’t give up on yourself.
I know how hard it is at school.
The problem is in
the education system not in you.
People don’t understand the way you think,
they don’t understand why you do the things you do.

How you like having all your buttons done up
and they like to wear the colour pink.
They don’t understand you and they are
the ones who miss out.
They don’t know what a loyal friend you are.
They don’t see how clever you are.
They only see you are different to them,
they don’t understand and the
unknown is scary,
something to avoid so they avoid you.

You are looking for a friend,
you look for them when you turn on the tv.
You look for them when you open the book and
find that character you love to read about.
There are people in the world who would love
to say ‘Hello friend, what do you want to do today?’
So you need to give these people a chance
to get to know you.

Try again.
Turn the computer off, put your book down.
Go and find a friend.

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