Open Door

We all enjoyed singing and being together so we decided to become a community choir with an open door policy for all who wanted to join us. So I wrote this poem to say goodbye to my council choir and look forward to a future where we would all be friends and hopefully still be singing.

Open Door

An open door was waiting
for me to walk through.
I had no choice.
There was nothing else to do.
I had made dear friends and memories
and sung many songs.
I had found somewhere
special where I belonged
but it was time to go.
There were no more songs to sing.
It was time to go.

The open door was waiting.
It was time to say goodbye.
The memories were still memories,
they would never die.
My friends would be my friends
no matter what happened
but I knew it was time
to say goodbye.

So I walked through the door and discovered
that my friends had followed me through
to a world of firsts but a world not brand new.
This world was familiar and well-loved too
because I could sing and there
is always lots more singing to do.

We were the City of Casey Community Choir Project
Or the CCC for short.
We were a council choir and
we would not be here without their support
but we decided we would
become a community choir
which is not an easy thing
so we could still get together
and do what we all love to do
the most which is Sing.

I am one of the Voices of Casey
and our shows have not yet begun.
I am eagerly waiting for the first one.
I’m waiting for the first show when
I’ll be one of Jonathon’s people again
And with a smile on my face
and a song sheet in my hand
I’ll raise my voice with all my friends.

Not the end, just the beginning

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