On the Road to Recovery

The road to recovery lay ahead.
Just out the door and on it led.
We were getting out of the place we had been.
We were hoping for better times than
the times we had seen.
We were so glad to be going.
The future was full of promise.
The doctors gave us time with our girl
and wished us luck.

But as we emptied the bedroom,
and took the clothes and belongings away
we looked back to where we had been
to that full of misery yesterday
where hittings and yellings
were the order of the day.

We looked at what we had now.
What we had was crazy in a different way.
The doctors did not wish us luck.
They wished us away.
The road to recovery was full of pitfalls.
The place was not safe.
But the doctors wanted us to go
so go we did.

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