Is It True?

I love to sing.
I pour all my feelings into
the words which are mixed
up with the notes and it gives
me a lot of pleasure but

Is it true?
He tells me I am a terrible singer.
He says it sounds like what you
hear from one of those mosques.
The wailing that erupt from
those hot, dusty walls.

I know I am happy when I sing.
I am pretty much the happiest
when I open my mouth and
my true self emerges.
No pretence, no fakeness, just me.

I try to get my diction right with
the vowels and consonants.
I sing in Singlish so the words are not
disjointed and not blended.
I can sing both high and low notes,
in fact I can sing 4 octaves but

Is it true?
I can’t sing?
If that is true I don’t see much point in anything.
It makes me sad but if it is true
I may as well stop.

No. I am better than this.
I will keep on singing because there
is at least one person who my singing
gives a lot of pleasure to and that is me.

So I will never singing louder than lovely
and I will quieten down.
Not so loud. Vertical positioning of mouth
and singer’s position.

I will get there. I will keep on going.

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