I Really Can’t Take the Blame

I really can’t take the credit,
i am not really the one to blame
but since i started singing
i have had many poems to tame.
They come to me each one
like clouds inside my head
wafting and winding through my thoughts
i can’t really take credit,
they just come my way.

All I need is to sit and write
and press the button ‘Play’.
It could be the abundant singing.
It could be the ample supply of song
that start the words
filtering into my ear
instead of onto the page
where they belong.

i really can’t take credit.
i am not the one to blame
for the amount of poems that
come to me to tame.
They come out the end of my fingers
and stretch out on my page.
All I have to do is comb its hair
and tie its shoe.
Then it is ready for the world to view.
i really can’t take credit
Blame my muse.

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