Happy Birthday Choir of Hard Knocks

The Choir of Hope and Inspiration, formerly the Choir of Hard Knocks, became the Choir of Hard Knocks and also celebrated their ninth birthday. I wrote a poem for them called

Happy 9th Birthday Choir of Hard Knocks

It is the choir’s 9th birthday,
time for celebrations.
The choir have good news,
time for congratulations.
The Choir of Hope and Inspiration
have reason to hip, hip, hooray
because they’re back to being
the Choir of Hard Knocks
effective as from today.

The choir’s name is the choir themselves,
the choir in literal form.
A name to hang memories on
And first prize ribbons to adorn.
As they begin their 10th year together
they can be the Choir of Hard Knocks again,
they can put their name up on the wall
and toast their choir with a friend.

If the AE Choir is a family then
Jonathon is the Dad
because he sticks with us through
good times and bad.
No matter how tired he gets,
and he sure does work a lot,
he makes sure we have a song to sing
and a new venue/singing spot.

So on the 12th of September, 2015
there is good reason to celebrate
and to cheer on our team.
Make sure to keep your eyes
on Jonathon and sing
because singing together and
making him smile means

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