Goodnight Sun

The sun has said goodbye for the day and
has gone to say hello to the other side of the world.
The sky is so pretty adorned with
orange and pink streamers and a
generous scattering of
marshmallow white clouds.

Gradually the colours turn to black and
I know it is time for me to turn to bed.
The pillow stares at me like the blank page
used to do when I did not know what to write.
Every night it is the same now.
I go to bed tired and
fall to sleep and find myself in a situation
I don’t want to be in.
I try to wake up but can’t and hope
I will not be stuck in this dream until I die.
I toss and turn and throw myself awake.

It is early morning.
Too early to get up and wake the house
so I go back to sleep and hope the dream
doesn’t come back.

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