Ducks Float. So do I.

Ducks float
Their legs are moving at 100 kilometres
an hour underneath the water.
A duck somehow knows if they keep on
moving their legs and body
will definitely not sink.

Singers float too.
Singers keep their voice moving
and body held in just the right way
for the breath to rotate through.
Stopping to think for one minute
will leave ducks and singers
up the creek without a paddle
so they need to keep on singing.

Keep on singing. Keep on singing
just like Dory out of Finding Nemo.
Ducks and singers will never stop
because they know.
They just know
how to do it.

I am not a duck but I do like to sing.
Maybe that is why I am happy at work.
If I sit still and think about what happened
I will be up a creek without a paddle.
I will sink under the facts that
I have lost my daughter to the madness
in her head and she will never come back to me.
So I keep on working.
I have to.
I will sink if I don’t.

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