Drift Wood

I was doing my weekend retail therapy.
I found a blue bangle which would match my top.
Now I had to find the ear ring.
They were not to be seen so I had to shop elsewhere.
Michael Hill desired ear rings $349.
Bit pricey so I kept on shopping.
I went to Tempt where my ear rings were waiting.
Humble price $8.
I have this philosophy on life and on jewellery.
Things drift.
Have you noticed fashion, we who are old enough remember,
seeing styles from the 70’s and 80’s.
We can wear anything these days.
People drift in and out of my life like the tide.
Some people I try to cling on to but they drift away
to other jobs, to heaven, to different states,
They just drift.
But I know that when I need it I will receive what I need.
That is why I knew my ear rings would come to me
instead of I to them.
But I will always need one thing and that is

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