Dear Friend

My poem is called Dear Friend. The poem has two speakers, one person who is sick (PATIENT) and the other person who needs to be (patient).


I am sick and not at all well,
I think I’ll sit down here for a spell.
I will get to the things I have to do
but for right now you’ll have to muddle through.

Dear Friend
Of course I can get by without help from you
In the fridge is last night’s leftover stew
We can share it tonight and tomorrow first thing
I will give the doctor’s room a ring.

Can you get me a tissue and a pillow for my head?
I think very soon I’ll go and rest in bed.
Can you get me a panadol and a glass of water please?
Oops, sniff. I think I am going to sneeze.
***** ACHOO **** Ouch, my head hurts.

Dear Friend
Here is a box of tissues and a pillow for your head.
I’ll put the electric blanket on so you can get to bed.
Here is a panadol and a glass of water too
and last thing of all, God Bless You (for sneeze),

I am feeling better
and my cough has gone away too.
Can’t sit around at home when
there is work to do.
Time for learning new songs
and teaching people how to sing.
Thank you for looking after me.
I am now ready for anything.

Dear Friend
I am glad you’re feeling better.
and your cough has gone away.
I am feeling poorly now.
I am not at all well today.
I think I will sit down and
rest here for a spell.
In a few days I shall be back
to being well.

**** ACHOO**** **** ACHOO ****

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