Blowing Magic Bubbles

I find her bubble wand
and slip it into my bag.
Maybe it will help,
maybe it won’t.
I hope the nurses say it is ok.
I will take it and see.

I find her in her room,
in a strange mood.
Her clothes are damp.
Her left hand is shaking a bit.
I ask her if she would like to blow bubbles.
She gets off the bed and
says she would.

I take her hand and we go outside
where it is sunny and the light is good.
I pull out the pink wand from my bag.
Shaped like a mermaid with a star on the top.
The bottle is clear so I can see the
wand stretched out and waiting for me.
I hope it will work magic and we can
set some bubbles free.

There is enough fluid so I give the
wand to my girl who sits waiting patiently.
She turns the star around so the lid comes off.
She dips the wand in and out
for the liquid to stick.
She pouts her lips and breathes softly.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 bubbles.

6 bubbles rise into the air.
One pops on a brick.
Two are stuck together.
Jen laughs and pokes
one with her finger.
She is happy and smiling.
She is not shaking in the least.
The sun has dried her clothes out.
She holds the wand to her mouth
and her lips pout.
She is ready for some more.

Magic bubbles.

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