Birds on the Backyard Fence Minus One

This is Birds on the Backyard Fence revisited poem. My choir friend went to Adelaide and never came back. She and I were pretty good friends but she had to go to Adelaide to help her sister at an aged care place. My friend never came back. This poem is for her.

Birds come and sit on my fence.
They come to sit and sing.
As each note is sung
friendships start forming.
Every word binding them together
so on my fence a whole choir appears.

But what happens if one goes missing?
There is a gap where the sun shines through
The choral sound is diminished no matter
what the other birds do?
The sound is different,
the voices do not blend well.
New talons and feathers next to each
other on top of an everyday type of wall.

The sound will blend quickly,
these birds are accomplished singers
but what has happened to the
bird who has gone off on its own?
To the songbird who never came back
to sit on my backyard fence.
The hole on the fence may be small
but the hole in my heart is immense.

I stuff the hole with memories of
songs sung and times shared.
But the hole remains in my heart
in the shape of you, my lost bird.
For the bird who has gone off on its own
I hope one day in the not too distant
future you can wing your way home
so you can once again be one of the
well loved and always wanted
birds on my backyard fence.

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