Standing on the Edge

As the choir sang Harmony of Dreams I stood next to a lady who was sitting down. This made it very difficult to hear her singing. I felt for the first time not part of my choir. I could not hear my Soprano 1 notes so I could not share the beautiful music with my friends. I felt lonely, unwanted and unloved and I knew I didn’t want to feel like this anymore. I had to do something.

I began to feel isolated and I thought of the poor people in the city who feel the same way every day.

These people live their whole lives like that. Lonely, unwanted and unloved. They are the people who you see on the streets with a money tin and a sign telling in a few short words what their lives are like. These people can see what is going on around them. They can hear people talking to one another but sounds are distorted and meaningless. These people are not included in life. They are standing on the edge of life.

I stand on the edge of the choir and think what I can do to make my life better.
I ask Jonathon if it would be possible for me to move to a better position where
I can have people around me and I can feel part of it. He says I can.
People greet me and say how happy they are to see me.

I hope it is like that for people who stand on the edge of life. One day they will ask for help and people will be glad to see them. They will be part of life again and not just living on the edge.

Street Requiem – for people who live on the edge.

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