Horrendous Haggis Ick-perience

***** NEWS FLASH *****


We humans have this undelectable dish called haggis.

Some people rave about it while other people run from it. It seems to me you have to be born in Scotland and grow up with haggis on the table for Sunday dinner to have a real liking for the stuff, the stomach and its stuffing.

Some people opt to have haggis for breakfast. I don’t know how they could put themselves through the horrors of haggis on toast. Or haggis turnovers. It would actually make my own stomach turn over. Just the thought of eating another animal’s innards gets me. There is no room at all in my ‘in’ for innards. My stomach is not strong enough to injest stomach, sheep’s stomach to be precise.

Strangely enough it looks like naked bagpipes and bagpipes look like haggis that has decided to don the family tartan and go out for a night on the town.

Wild haggis is never found roaming the Scottish countryside as it is not an animal slaughtered for its meat. Rather, haggis is offal, really awful. It would never be carefree and happy looking forward to the day when it would be enjoyed by some daring human.

If you like haggis why not be more daring and try other strange concoctions such as frogs legs or the very common escargot found in everybody’s garden. Common garden escargots can be found by going out into your yard and catching them. They don’t move at a very fast pace so it would be quite easy to get a sackful and boil them up. That is, if you like snail on your plate.

Haggis for breakfast? No, I think I will stick with my own choice of wakey, wakey food. Weetbix and vegemite on toast.

Some people may not be sure if haggis is good or if it’s occcchhh.

In my opinion, haggis is Ick!!! Gross!!! Deesgusting!!!

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