My Silly Silhouette

My Silly Silhouette

From the minute I get up
and my feet touch the ground
I have an itchy kind of feeling
my shadow is hanging around.

It is a dreadful mimic
and must be dreadfully bored
as everything I do,
is something to be copied
and definitely not ignored.

When I am at home inside my house
my shadow lets me be.
The lights are not on.
I can’t see my shadow
so my shadow can’t see me.

But when the light is on
my shadow is big and tall.
I wonder if with my shadow and me
there is room for us all
(what about the cat?)

When I go outside
we play a game,
my shadow and me.
It either makes me short and squat
or a surprising 10 foot 3.

I pass a wall and wave at it.
It waves back at me.
We muddle through life somehow
my shadow and me.

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