Astonishing Hair

This poem is written for my kind, young, talented, generous and ‘never scared to try anything’ hair expert, Catherine.

People visit the salon,
with hopefully some hair upon their heads.
They come in for a cut,
a treatment, a colour,
a bit of time for themselves
and get a lot of loving care
with a professional service as well.

Catherine and her team
of expert ladies provide that.
Proficient in what they do.
Not just a style but a new outlook
on life is what Catherine offers you.

A smile, a friendly pat,
a donut from Krispy Kreme.
Catherine’s artistic talents are vast
and her cutting ability extreme.
Catherine can make me look like Farrah Fawcett,
she can etch a bespoke flower
into your hair.
When Catherine focuses on your head,
you have her whole attention
as you sit in your chair.

With her golden comb and scissors,
she weaves a golden spell.
As each piece of hair spills onto the floor
Catherine’s passion for fashion
speaks artistic talent.
She is a very lovely, kind, friend as well.
She shared her precious mother’s carrot cake
made by her mother’s loving hands
while I sat and sipped my tea,
knitted my feather scarf and
talked of foreign lands.

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